Enjoy a variety of finger-licking delicious street foods from around the world at our store’s Snack Bar. Simply call +1(519) 328-9613 ten minutes before reaching the store and we’ll have your snack hot and ready for you to enjoy!

All the pictures shown are real and proudly taken in our Snack Bar.

Check out our menu…

Hot & Ready


Fried pastry with a savoury filling of spiced potatoes, onions, peas, and spices.

$0.75 ea

Jamaican Patty's

Jamaican Patties

With warm temps and great beaches the only thing to make your staycation more authentic “Jamaican style”, is a cold malt drink and a SPICY BEEF PATTY! This great tasting, light flaky pastry contains a pocket full of juicy slightly spicy beef that’s sure to steal your heart! By request chicken, and regular beef are also available

$14 /box & $1.50 each



Never heard of it?! JBGM staff hadn’t either but when offered a taste we HAD to give this local, authentic, middle eastern cook the opportunity to serve YOU! Burke’s are a gem from the east made of a common pastry but a stuffing u can’t resist. Choose between the salty cheesy taste of FETA or the unique CHICKEN flavour that only the east can provide. Because we know u can’t stop at one we have a deal 3 for 5$! Stop by and bring your taste buds alive!

$2/piece or $5 for 3 piece

Dumpling Bar

China’s Ultimate Steam Bun

Filled with juicy, chopped pork and veggies and steamed to perfection, this steam bun is bound to satisfy your hunger and make you come back for more!

$4.99 /3pcs

Vietnam's Veggie King Bun

Vietnam’s Veggie King Bun

A special treat to our vegetarian customers, this delicacy from Vietnam is a delicious blend of veggies and herbs. Light and refreshing!

$4.99 /12pcs

Nepal’s Extreme Chicken Dumpling

Filled with chicken and vegetables, Momo (dumplings) is one of Nepal’s most popular dishes. A tasty and nutritious snack for you on the go!

$4.99 /12pcs


Korea’s Kimchi Delight

Made with fermented kimchi, these dumplings have a serious savory kick and are one of the top delicacies in Korea.

$4.99 /12pcs


Japan’s Pork Supreme Dumpling

A perfect mix of Tofu and pork along with delicious veggies and herbs, this delicious dumpling from Japan is a can’t miss snack!

$6.99 /8pcs

Choice of Sauces:

1. Canadian Sweet

2. Indonesian Extreme Heat!

3. Thai Spicy Sriracha

The sauces are included in the price of the snacks.

Get a drink to go with your Snack! More options available in store.